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OxyRx from Mullinix: Keeping Food Flavor and Freshness!

Mullinix has launched our innovative, glass-clear, PET/scavenger packaging, OxyRx™, which is capable of maintaining zero oxygen permeation for over four years, after which headspace oxygen is lower than the initial oxygen. Better than cans or glass at preventing oxidation of foods and beverages, OxyRx™ from Mullinix addresses consumer demands for the quality and convenience of prepared foods. Contents can be seen by consumers, and product flavor is not absorbed into the packaging. This protects and preserves flavor and consistency of foods and beverages. The OxyRx™ material enhances traditional PP/EVOH packaging used since the 1980s, and it can be thermoformed into stock or custom geometries and lidded with film or foil.

The OxyRx™ material can also be crystallized into CPET packaging for heating in both microwave and conventional ovens up to 400 degrees.

Traditionally, packaging comprised of oxygen-scavenging materials costs more. The new OxyRx™ PET/scavenger material is competitive with many of the commercial PP/EVOH containers and offers cost savings for higher EVOH percentage applications. Advantages of the OxyRx™ containers include better flavor, odor, shelf life, and overall performance. The material can also be recycled with other #1 PET packaging.

For further details, contact Tim Love at, 260-437-6995.

Mullinix Announces New Matchables Product Offering

matchables_stackMullinix Packages, Inc. is pleased to announce that it is launching 4 new products in foodservice packaging, making the “Perfect 10” possible combinations. The Matchables product line is unique in that it is versatile for many applications. One SKU is used to make a two-piece package, and as a result of this innovative design, it allows the top to be the bottom and vice versa. Operators will never have mismatched tubs and lid counts again. A secure and intuitive closure enables leak resistance in fit, while products have easy-open tabs and positive stacking designs for effective portability and merchandising. They are perfect for form, fit, and function, from carry out to consumption.

The 4 SKUs in the offering enable 10 merchandising opportunities. “Foodservice operators and deli merchandisers often struggle with category management of packaging, as these products take up space and are often not versatile,” states Tim Love, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Mullinix. “Matchables were designed to meet needs in salad, sandwich, and meal packaging, even leftovers. Anti-fog material enhances merchandising, while products can be microwaved for ready-to-heat applications. Our goal is to enhance the presentation and consumer experience and improve operator bottom lines.”

Mullinix Matchables products are manufactured in the U.S., which lessens the environmental impact from transportation and distribution. Mullinix customers can also combine their Matchables products with other stock products for optimal truck loading.

For further details, contact Tim Love at, 260-437-6995.

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