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About Mullinix Packages, Inc.

Mullinix Packages, Inc. is a renowned developer and provider of custom and stock thermoformed packaging, serving customers nationwide primarily in the food industry, including food manufacturers and processors, supermarkets, foodservice, distributors, and beyond. For more than 40 years, Mullinix has been focused exclusively on the design and production of innovative food packaging solutions for the manufacture, merchandising, and serving of food and beverages. Mullinix brings an integrated approach to custom plastic food packaging solutions, creating quality, cost-effective, and high-performance products from materials including PP, PETE, RPET, CPET, PLA, CPLA, and a range of value-added layered materials.

At Mullinix, we have a proven history of consistent, reliable service, and our high-quality product offerings, experienced team, flexible manufacturing, and unmatched expertise enable us to offer the most effective food and beverage packaging solutions possible. Our track record of innovation, strong product performance, and increased customer revenue makes Mullinix your ideal partner for all of your food and beverage packaging manufacturing requirements.

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