Quality and Precision

Manufacturing Capabilities

As renowned food packaging manufacturers and suppliers, Mullinix Packages boasts multiple manufacturing platforms and a range of capabilities to suit an array of food and beverage packaging product needs. Being fully integrated from resin to final product enables our manufacturing team to control our quality precisely, consistently delivering products to our customers’ most demanding requirements.

We recognize the importance of material selection in creating the very best food packaging solution, as performance and market criteria dictate the material best suited for the food product’s specific production, preparation, and merchandising needs. At Mullinix, we are capable of manufacturing in dual-ovenable CPET for freezer-to-oven uses, APET for exceptional clarity and toughness, or polypropylene for microwave-only uses. We are technological leaders in a range of materials in PET, CPET, PP, CPLA, and a variety of value-added layered materials that extend product shelf life, heat performance, and merchandising across an array of food packaging applications.

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